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To keep the nation safe and take on both domestic and international threats, the FBI relies on a constant stream of intelligence gathered by a team of surveillance professionals.

Surveillance professionals work alongside case agents to discreetly gather intelligence in support of ongoing counterterrorism, foreign counterintelligence and criminal investigations.

Because of the nature of their work, candidates interested in pursuing a surveillance career must be comfortable in the following situations:

  • Traveling domestically on both operational and training missions
  • Working in a team environment outside of a typical, ordinary office setting
  • Working nights and weekends as necessary
  • Adapting to an ever-changing work environment
  • Sneakers Women's Platform Students' Strap Magic White DADAWEN Working with photography and other electronic equipment

Surveillance professionals can practice either mobile surveillance or fixed surveillance.

  • Mobile surveillance entails gathering intelligence and following subjects on foot, in a vehicle, on public transportation, or otherwise as needed.
  • Fixed surveillance entails gathering intelligence in an office or indoor setting using technical equipment.
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Sneakers White Magic Platform Strap DADAWEN Students' Women's FBI surveillance professionals must be willing and able to work in both environments.

To apply, candidates interested in mobile surveillance should submit their applications to the Investigative Specialist position. Candidates interested in fixed surveillance should submit their applications to the Surveillance Specialist position. Keep in mind the positions may not always be available. Please check back regularly to view open positions.

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